My name is Chen Adar, 26 years old, from Tel Aviv, Israel.
I graduated from the 2020 fashion design department at Shankar College of Engineering and Design, Israel.
I was always intrigued by and passionate about the intersection of art, fashion, aesthetics and Innovations. I have completed a fashion buyer certificate course at Shenkar College regardless of my degree program. My internship was at Delta Galil Industries LTD, as a fashion designer in the men’s department and women’s activewear.

My main agenda is to make myself unique, to create and innovate in tailoring, casual and basic categories that combine 3D printing models made from recycled plastic. I like to merge between conservative to hyper-trends with an emphasis on modern innovation and environmental responsibility.

As a young designer, I strive to bring these worlds as closely together as possible to create.
I’m aspired to constantly explore, learn and expand my horizons, so I can share it back with the world.