2020 Graduate collection

Final project

Between natural and artificial 

As part of the final project, I chose to pursue the modern world we live in. The social media creates an illusion of simulated reality, perfect, a subjective choice of what I would like to present to the world. As a result, a blur is created between the natural and artificial, when the moment of climax is a dreamy dimension. The complexity of nature is reminiscent of human heritage, creating a dialogue of something artificial and natural at the same time. Creating life, a new reality through the digital lens and reflecting the experience in the contemporary world. Digital blur between imagination and reality. 

The colors of the collection is based on the “supernatural” colors, combining the vivid digital color illustrating the digital blur and presenting the dreamy dimension. Pink, Orange, Yellowish and light Blue convey a sense of energy, joy, and enjoyment, and are attractive and strong colors. The natural and organic hues on which the collection is based are soothing and provide minimalism and eternity. 

The collection combines the use of innovative three-dimensional developments that simulate the human body and nature, when a natural object is used, living and transforming it into an inanimate object, made of plastic, rigid, and alienated.  

The collection is intended for men and women as one in an attempt to create a reflection of the collective will. The style of trans-seasonal clothing, reflecting the global generation of consumers. The classical sewing, which is disguised against the challenges of modern life, the dreamy dimension, the fantasy between natural and artificial